Feliz cumpleanos a mi madre espanola!!


Hoy es el cumpleanos de mi madre espanola! (Today is the birthday of my Spanish mom!) What a fun filled day! Right when we woke up this morning we wished Marisa a ‘happy birthday!’ Rafa came home early from Jaen today, we thought he would be here around 11pm tonight, but surprised Marisa at about 6pm! We had a delicious dinner together, the four of us; salad, fish, and fried eggplant. YUM! After, we had a few drinks and a delicious dessert. Matthew and I surprised Marisa with flowers and a card, which she absolutely loved. (In the picture above, Happy liked the smell of the flowers!) Inside the card I drew a picture of the four of us dancing at a fiesta (party) for her birthday, and I drew her daughter, who is in Florida, on skype with us. She thought the picture was hilarious! I am no Picasso and drew little stick people of course.

Marisa is such an AMAZING cook. Everything she has made, we have loved! I’ve taken pictures of almost all the meals so I can remember, and will make a blog of my favorite meals soon! πŸ™‚

All day today we just had such great quality time with our family here, and continue to get to know Marisa, Rafa, and Marisa (Marisa’s daughter in Florida, also named Marisa) so much better every day. I have not met her daughter in person, but have talked to her on Skype a few times. Today we talked for about 20 minutes! We seem to get along great and I can’t wait to meet her when she comes home on winter break. Marisa, who is 19, is studying English in Miami, Florida. She recently joined a sorority, and since I am in one, talked about that for a while. We tried to skype with the dogs, but they never know where to look. πŸ™‚ In Granada, they don’t usually celebrate birthday’s too extravagant with birthday parties and such. Simply a good meal with family and dessert after. Quality time with family is what matters most to them. Even though today we mostly just stayed in with the family, it was one of my favorite days here so far! πŸ™‚

Tomorrow morning Matthew and I asked if we could also make her and Rafa an American breakfast, for part of her birthday gift. We plan on making banana pancakes and using the Minnesota pure maple syrup I got her as a gift. Hopefully they like it!
What a fun day…..goodnight!!

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