First week of the Semester!

My first day was class went well, although I changed my schedule a bit that evening with my program director German. I started with two classes each day Monday through Thursday, but I ended up with an ideal schedule for me in which I only have CLM classes all day Monday and Wednesday (Art History, Spanish Language and Writing, and History of Spain through Film) and then independent workshops and classes Tuesday and Thursday. I plan on signing up for Yoga along with a few workshops for my Tuesday and Thursday. That along with going to the gym should give me a relatively full schedule (classes are two hours each and the workshops are 3 hours each). Since I changed up my schedule on Wednesday night, I did not actually have any classes Thursday or Friday. So I went to the SOL office Thursday morning and officially signed up for the workshops. My SOL directors are all so incredibly helpful and eager to help me and I really appreciate all that they do. I am so glad I chose SOL to do my study abroad!!

Then I walked downtown to buy a yoga mat and a pair of workout spandex from this cool all-things-exercise store called “Lots of Color,” an offshoot of Decathlon. I returned around lunch and worked on my essay for the rest of the day. After turning it in, I got ready to head to the Crossfit Gym (called a “Box”) for my 6:30 PM appointment. I had been really wanting to try Crossfit for a while so when I found a friend here who did it, I decided to join her and see what it’s all about. Unfortunately, the only Crossfit box in Granada is about 3 kilometers from my house (almost two miles) so I had to leave early enough to make it there on time. However, right before I was planning on leaving, the weather pulled a 180 and switched from beautiful sunny day, to horribly windy and rainy. I decided to tough it out and go anyway. And then about a mile away, it all went wrong.

Out of nowhere, it went from mild storm to INSANE HAIL typhoon/hurricane/tsunami/earthquake/all-natural-disasters-in-one. Hail the size of marbles started crashing down all around me and I took cover under a nearby roof. After around fifteen minutes, I was very eager to JUST. GET. HOME. So I attempted to start my trek back, trying to dodge from cover to cover and trying to protect my head with my hands to avoid getting hit in the head by the hail. I arrived home a bit battered and bruised, but safe. Afterwards, I peeled off my soaking clothes and stumbled into a hot, steamy shower to regain my self. I came out feeling more centered, and although my arms and legs still stung from the hail, I was okay. I had some tea that my host mom made and began to feel the warmth re-enter my body. One thing is for sure, Granada is full of adventures – some very unexpected, but still fun!

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