Movie Theatre in Spain!

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT IS THE LAST WEEK OF INTENSIVE CLASSES BEFORE THE OFFICIAL START OF THE SEMESTER IN OCTOBER! The final week of class flew by. We mostly went over subjunctive and prepared for our final exam on Friday. The exam went well and I ended up passing onto level seven Spanish classes for the upcoming semester. On Wednesday, we had an organized trip through SOL to the movie theater! Admittedly, this was the trip I had really been looking forward to. Of course, I also wanted to do all of the tours and museums and such, but I’d gone on tours and museums before, and I’d never gone to the cinemas in another country. And also, I just really like going to the movies, an enjoyment likely passed down my mom. I suppose that sounds like quite a silly reason to look forward to the movies, but, regardless, I was looking forward to it and it ended up being awesome. We watched “El Niño,” a new action drama following a young man who was swept into the drug trade business between Northern Africa and Southern Spain (Morocco, Gibraltar, and Andalucia).

El NiñoIt was very interesting because it was not only a Spanish film, but it was also supposed to be very accurate to the actual drug trade of the region. It reminded me of the drug problems between the US and Mexico due to the unrelenting and unforgiving violence, greed, and general horrors of drug running, something that I’d become familiar with coming from southern Arizona. Overall, I really liked the whole theater trip and I think I’d like to return on a free lazy afternoon. I’m finding a lot of things I want to return to, so I had better start writing them down and doing them, lest the end of my trip sneak up on me and I lose my opportunity.

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