Sunday Paella with the Familia

On Sunday, I did not get up until around noon as I did not sleep super well and I figured there was no need to get out of bed if there was no necessity. With half the day lost, I made up for it by spending the other half in the nearby pueblo of Alhindín with our host parents’ family for weekly Sunday paella.

It was a wonderful afternoon and it felt like home with the many little ones running around everywhere, the fluid Spanish being spoken around me, the delicious and seemingly endless food, and the warm family atmosphere. Everything was just like a family gathering back home. Interestingly enough, my roommate said she felt a bit uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do with so many people around. After some discussion, we realized it’s likely because I come from a large Hispanic family and this was very normal for me growing up, while on the other hand she had come from a small American family and, well, this did not exist in her family. I told her to embrace it. It’s such a huge part of the culture here and it’s personally one of the favorite parts of my own culture, so I hope we are able to return as many Sundays as we can!

With the family in Ahlindín

Overall, I feel like I’m finally assimilating into my new home. I am beginning to have somewhat of a schedule revolving around a few set activities such as classes, meals, and Skyping family. Although I do have days that I especially miss certain people and the general comforts of home in the states, I still feel incredibly blessed to be here and I try to enjoy each day to its fullest. I cannot wait for my upcoming trips and excursions to other regions of Europe and Africa, and as I continue my journey in Spain this semester, I pray for the wisdom and humility to be able to truly appreciate and learn from every experience.

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