Trip to Nerja Playa

The following morning (Saturday, October 4th), was another SOL excursion – this time to the beach! We took a one-hour bus ride to the beautiful playa of Nerja! It was the most *perfect* day for a beach trip as the sun was shining, the breeze was cooling, and the waves were welcoming. We walked around the precious little town of Nerja and then lounged at the beach all day. I did not feel like going into the water, so instead I opted for sea-glass collecting and napping under a beach umbrella. For lunch, we went to a nearby restaurant for 1620373_1528250877387864_8818588709928198641_nall-you-can-eat paella! It was SO delicious. There was also all-you-can-eat salad. I went hard on the salad, because I have been missing my lettuce leaves greatly since coming to Spain (while we do have salad for meals, it is typically drenched in vinegar and oil – perhaps not my favorite type of salad). Everyone had almost finished their first plate of paella by the time I finally finished enjoying my refreshing salad with avocado slices, carrots, onions, hard boiled eggs, tuna, tomato, and cucumber [insert mouth-watering here]. But, of course, as I moved onto the paella, it was also scrumptious! It had mariscos, or sea foods like shell fish, octopus, etc. I loooove sea food and it was superbly fitting for the day at the beach. After lunch, I had some ice cream and walked around the board walk area.

Restaurente "Ayo" - very famous in Nerja for their paella

We didn’t get back to Granada until 7:30 PM that night, and I was utterly exhausted, but it was the best Saturday ever.

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