Sopa, sopa, y mas sopa!!!

Matthew and I made an American breakfast for Marisa and Rafa this morning, as part of her birthday gift, and they absolutely loved it! We made banana pancakes, with cooked cinnamon apples to put on top. Then we used my Minnesota maple syrup I had given Marisa. Delicious! Marisa’s favorite part were the cinnamon apples, she said she for sure wants to make them again, even just as a dessert or on ice cream.

Since we have been in Spain, I have taken pictures of most of the lunches and dinners that we have had. Especially pictures of my favorites so I can remember the recipes. Marisa’s favorite thing to cook seems to be soup, which is fine with me because I LOVE soup! Her recipes are very simple, and she told me if I want the recipes I can for sure have them. Most of the soups, or all, have potatoes! Potatoes are served here almost with EVERY meal.

Here is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites, #1 in my book. Noodles soup with carrots, potatoes, and chicken. She adds a spice to get the color yellow/orange. It’s called Cazuela de Fideos!


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