Estoy aprendiendo mucho!

In class today we learned how to say things in past tense. I now know present tense, preterito perfecto, future, and preterito indefinido (past tense). It was sort of a hard concept to grasp, but as long as I keep practicing I will get it. Matthew and I said we would only talk Spanish to each other, and it went very well. I think it’s something we need to do everyday. Sometimes I think if we do that I won’t know what to say, but once we start talking I do! We just need to stick at it. While eating lunch Marisa commented and said we were doing a great job talking! We’re getting there!

The weather here is starting to get a little cooler. Feels like fall to me now, which I love, my favorite season back home. I was sad that I would have to miss all the fall colors, but actually in the park here the leaves are changing colors and it’s starting to look more and more like fall everyday. The first few weeks here, in September, were very warm. Now it’s starting to become cooler, and there is already snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains here. The coldest months in Granada are December, January, and February. Then it’ll start to get warm, and starting in May it will be very hot! Summers here are extremely hot, in the 90s and possibly 100.

Tomorrow I have a soccer game! Through our program there are little sports competitions just for fun. I have played lacrosse for 7 years, and don’t know much about soccer. I only played soccer one year in middle school! But they needed more people, so hopefully it goes well! I think it will be fun to meet some people, and if we don’t win, we’ll still have a blast!

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