Soccer with SOLmates!!

Today was our first soccer game in a series of single elimination games! And…WE WON!!!! 5 to 2! There were three of us from our SOL group, and then we were combined with another group to make TEAM IOWA. I think someone in the other group submitted the name IOWA, not sure why! But, the game was a lot of fun! Makes me miss playing lacrosse and just being on a team. Since we won, we play next Wednesday, same time. We are thinking of all getting together and practicing this weekend, since the teams we play will start to get tougher and tougher. I’ve only played soccer one year in middle school, but it still was awesome. Some people on our team have played for years, while some have never played before. So it’s a mixture, but it works! The team is probably equal to what they call, and Intramural team, at Winona State. Excited for next week!


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