Los Italianos!

DSC_0564I finally went to get Los Italianos Heladería! [The renowned ice cream shop of Spain that is only open during the summer and fall and has been called “better gelato than all of Italy” <– I can’t confirm that, as I have yet to go to Italy, but I don’t need many reasons to eat delicious ice cream.]  I ordered their classic, the tarta, which consists of a slice of ice cream (literally a slice because it’s cut from a block of pure ice cream cake) with chocolate, orange sherbet and vanilla all covered in a thin layer of heavy cream with sugared nuts in it. It was very good, but SUPER heavy. I never thought I would say this, but itwas too sweet (I can hear my mother gasping from Arizona). I love ice cream, I love strong chocolate, but I am not a sherbet and whipped cream kinda gal. So I probably would not order it again, but I’m glad I finally got to try the famous Los Italianos Heladería before it closed for the winter this weekend and I would gladly recommend it to any and all that pass through this wondrous city of Granada.download (4)

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