Morocco Excursion: Day 2!

Morocco 266The next day in Morocco we were up early again to travel to the city of Asilah. But before then, CAMELS! I’d been really looking forward to riding camels in Morocco since before I had left for Spain, and I was not disappointed. Although it was only a five minute camel ride, I was fine with it because as soon as we finished it began to pour rain!Morocco 250 (2)

We were supposed to visit caves as well, but they were under construction so instead we took a quick bus ride tour of the King’s Palace – which was huge! It was really more of an estate than a palace. I really enjoyed taking the bus tour, especially because it was raining cats and dogs outside.

Asilah is a small coastal city with really cool art all over the city walls. It’s like clean graffiti and murals on every corner. I really liked Morocco 289Asilah and wish we could’ve spent more time there, but far too soon it was time to return to the bus and head to the ferry to take us back to the Iberian Peninsula. I could spend pages trying to describe Asilah, so instead, I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves. 🙂Morocco 297

Eleven hours later (4AM!), I shuffled bleary-eyed into our apartment. After throwing down my bags (which had significantly increased in size after all of the bazaar markets in Morocco), I snuggled under my covers and welcomed sweet sleep. Thank goodness we did not have school on Monday – hooray for the Día de La Virgen del Pilar (Virgin Mary of the Pillar, Spain’s patron saint)!

Solmates in Morocco!
Solmates in Morocco!

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