Today was a relaxing day after yesterday’s busy day! Matthew and I went to the park after breakfast today and while he read, I ran in the park for an hour and a half. He was my personal trainer, made me do sprints and laps. As long as he’s there I’ll keep it up every day! It was very hot out today though. This past week has been cooler, but this coming week is supposed to be hot again. Wish there was a beach in Granada! But the closest ones are at least an hour away.

We mostly worked on homework today, talked to Marisa a lot, and also got another student from France! The two boys were here from France last week for 5 days, and they left on Friday. Today, a sixteen year old girl from France, Elsa, arrived. She is very nice and talks to us a lot. She is here for one week with her group of 12, and each day they will study at a high school year and then they will have activities around Granada. She is very different from the boys that were here. The boys barely ever spoke a word to us, and never hung out with us besides lunch or dinner, they were always in their room. But right away Elsa came out and sat with us in the living room and we got to know each other before we ate dinner together. It’s cool we get to experience living with other students in Granada as well.

Since my schedule did not work out this month to volunteer at the bilingual school, there is another option for us. There is another school, Ave Maria, where they are accepting students who want to volunteer. I think this will be a great option for me because it’s only a one minute walk from my class, which would be nice to go there directly from class for an hour or two. Our director said it’s school for struggling kids and families that need help financially and academically. We are going to visit Tuesday to check it out and see if it works out. 🙂

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