Today I watched some of my friends in my group play volleyball. They are on a team through CLM, just like how I am on the soccer team. They won!! So far SOL is getting lucky with our teams!

I had a lot of homework so I spent most of today studying. My test is next Wedesday, it’s coming up so fast! I can’t believe I have been in Granada for almost 2 months already, it’s gone by so fast. I am so happy I have 7 more months to enjoy here! I do miss things about home, and some foods, but everything here is SO good too. I would say that I do miss people being “Minnesota Nice” because here it’s just not like that. People don’t say ‘hi’ on the streets usually, and there is absolutely NO sense of personal space. Walking on the streets people bump into here and there and everywhere you go. And at places they sit right next to you, and I mean right next to you….I thought it was strange at first but my professor said it’s completely normal here. There are more major differences than than that, but overall my experience it what I thought it would be and more. I will write about the differences another day, because there are so many!

Rafa came home today! We hadn’t seen him since last weekend because he is studying at a collage an hour away. I think he missed Marisa’s cooking because when I came back from the volleyball came, he had a feast on the table, a little of everything we ate all week! Doesn’t get any better than home-cooked meals 🙂

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