Weekend Relaxations and Cooking Lessons

Everyone working together to make Paella

This past Saturday we had a SOL excursion to a nearby pueblo for a day of enjoying the outdoors and learning how to cook Spanish cuisine! We went to the weekend home of our program director. This is very common in Spain as a lot of families have apartments in the city and small urban homes out in the “campos” to go to during the weekends or summers. We took a bus Saturday morning and spent the entire day relaxing and eating delicious food! We learned how to make Tinto de Verano (a popular drink in Spain) and PAELLA! Paella is an absolutely scrumptious meal based around rice and tomato paste and veggies. There are many variations all across Spain and it is common to add a meat. We had a bit of beef and chicken in ours, though near the coast you will typically find sea food in the paella. Either way, it’s GREAT! It was a wonderful day and it was exactly what was needed as a small escape and relaxation from the city. Even better, now I know how to cook paella for my family when I get back to the states!

The results were DELICIOUS.
The results were DELICIOUS.

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