Estoy resfriada :(

Unfortunately overnight I came down with a bad cold 😦 I did go to class today, but I don’t think I’ll be going tomorrow. I never wanted to miss any classes, but I know I would just feel miserable tomorrow in class. My eyes are also hurting me a lot when in bright light and one is very red. Not sure how this all happened last night, but hopefully it’s just something that will pass this weekend. Marisa has been the best host mom and is doing just what any mother would do. Putting eye drops in for me and checking if I have a temperature. She is great! I’m sure it’s just a cold.

Today I had yoga again. Very fun!

Matthew and I are also getting to know our French roommate, Elsa, pretty well. She has gotten more talkative and we have learned about her family and a little bit about her culture. It’ll be sad to see her leave on Sunday.

Tomorrow is our flamenco activity and tapas afterwards! I am so excited 🙂 Hopefully I’m feeling better! We are going to the caves in Granada to learn basic steps of flamenco dance, then we are going to see an actual real performance. After, we are going to eat some tapas! Sounds like a fun night 🙂

On a side note, our pup Happy was being so funny tonight. She accidentally stole Matthew’s clementine thinking it was a ball. She was trying to play with it, until it went under the dresser. Marisa was wondering what she was trying to get out, and Matthew and I had no idea, until Marisa looked under the dresser. Sure enough…a clementine! When she got it out Happy was going crazy for about a half an hour trying to get the clementine back down from the counter. I guess if it looks like a ball, she thinks it’s a ball. What a goofy dog!!

I’m going to get some sleep very early tonight and hope to feel better tomorrow.

Buenas noches!! 🙂

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