Yesterday was an amazing night of Flamenco!! Flamenco is a famous dance known in Spanish culture. We walked to the Sacromonte neighboorhood of Granada way up to a little restaurant, and right across the way you could see the Alhambra, what a beautiful place! First, we got a lesson from a lovely lady how to dance flamenco  . And, we were in a little cave during this time. From what I could see, the restaurant had two caves. This is where the flamenco shows take place. Wood floor is important to hear the shoes tapping on the floor. After learning the flamenco for an hour or two, we got to have two tapas at this place. And boy, were they delicious! The first was a mini tortilla española and the second was carne con salsa (meat with sauce). YUMMY! And then, the REAL flamenco begins!!! We went back in the caves and our group sat in the way back, stadium seating. The cave was full of people in every chair ready to watch the real flamenco show. It was hard to capture in pictures because the dancers were moving so fast and the lighting wasn’t too bright, but it was amazing. There were colored lights, fancy outfits, and the flamenco dancers blew me away. The talent it takes to dance like that, moving their feat f aster than ever. I LOVED IT!! And the guitarist, drummer, and singer in the back were so great as well. I loved the singers voice! Last night, in Granada, it was also Noche Blanca (which means white night). Throughout the whole city from 5pm yesterday until 4am this morning, there were many activities going around town. In every plaza there were acitivities, rock concerts, deals at restaurants. The whole town was out! I was amazed at how many little children can stay up longer than me! We were out around town from 10pm until midnight, and I was extremely tired by then. And these children are still going around town with their parents happy as can be. Matthew and I got to see one competition in a plaza before flamenco, we think it was a basketball competition for young girls. So much energy when the whole town is out and about! What a fun night in Granada! 🙂 10712784_10152818504673944_1573962821323072667_n       GetFileAttachment-4 1385541_10152818504318944_5976870782044709159_n      10671425_10152818503233944_5883142447599998294_n

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