A delicious granada!!!

Hola! This weekend I tried a pomegranate here for the first time. I can’t believe I was here two months without trying one, but I never noticed them in the supermarket and I figured since they were pretty expensive in Minnesota, they would be expensive here, but I was wrong! In Minnesota they can be a couple dollars each, but here I got 4 just for 1 euro! Such a great deal πŸ™‚ They don’t look that bright, round, and red like in Minnesota, but they come fresh from the trees right to the supermarkets. And the inside is very delicious, que rico!!!! But, how I got them is an interesting story.

My professors here have always told me that people in Granada tend to have bad character unless you know them. I thought she was crazy because my two months here I had never experienced any bad character from people in Spain…until this weekend. Yesterday when I went to a supermarket to buy the granadas, the two ladies working by the fruit were extremely rude to me. Before you get fruit, you pick a number and wait in line until your number is called. My number 3 was called and I went up and asked for 4 granadas. She said okay, but then started to call more numbers. I waited and waited, and then another lady asked me what I wanted. I told her I was number three, showed her my ticket, and asked for 4 granadas. She ignored me as well, after she asked me what I wanted, and kept asking other people what they wanted. I wait another few minutes, by this time they were up to number 12. They kept looking at me and I would show them my number and they would just look away. I got so frustrated and left and Matthew went back in and got the 4 granadas for us. It wasn’t some huge ordeal, but I felt very frustrated because I did what I was supposed too and they saw me and just completely ignored me because I wasn’t as loud as the other customers. I felt frustrated because I didn’t really know what to say to them in Spanish that I had been waiting. I felt like because I didn’t speak Spanish they didn’t care. That was the first time I ever felt really frustrated with learning a new language here. Now I realize what my professors were talking about with the bad character thing. They always tell me they wish people here were nicer, but that’s just the way it is. It was just a different experience and now I realize that people in Minnesota are really Minnesota Nice. I miss that!! πŸ™‚

In other news, our roommate from France, Elsa, went back home today. It was nice getting to know her this past week, she was a really funny girl!


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