20141023_110536For the past couple weeks my roommate and I have decided to go beyond just going to the gym and we have enrolled in a local CROSSFIT gym (known as a “box”). It has been SO much fun so far – and of course, a killer workout! It is really amazing because the Crossfit coach works with us to not only teach us the new exercises (this is both of our first times doing Crossfit), but also in our Spanish learning. He is super patient in walking us through the new terminology and everyone else in the classes are all so welcoming. There a few other Americans that also attend the box, although typically each class is about 5 or 6 Spaniards. We go a few times a week which is more than enough because those workouts are INTENSE! I think it is very cool that we are able to do something that I never had an opportunity to do in the states here in Spain. We are very lucky to be in Granada, because it is one of the few Crossfit boxes in all of Spain. Even more reason to come to this wonderful city! 😉

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