Flamenco Dancing and Tapas

20141024_211637Yesterday was one of the SOL cultural excursions I have been most looking forward to: FLAMENCO DANCING LESSONS! We all met up at the CLM school at 6:15 PM to walk over to the Albaicin, a nearby pueblo in Granada. The Albaicin and neighboring Sacromonte are where the Gitanas (or gypsies) live. Flamenco dancing originated in the gypsy culture and Granada has a distinct type of Flamenco dancing by the gypsies of this region. We arrived and were ushered into this cave that was decorated with Flamenco dancing photographs and had chairs lining the walls. We had Flamenco dancing lessons for an hour and it was so amazing! I did not expect to have so much fun with my SOLmates learning such a unique cultural dance. Afterwards, we headed upstairs to the patio to have some drinks and tapas. The view from the patio was incredible as it overlooked all of Granada and had a breathtaking view of the Alhambra Palace which is lit up at night. 20141024_185220Next, we transitioned back into the cave and sat in the chairs. The lights dimmed and then we were treated to a fantastic Flamenco dancing show by the professional dancers. The way they stomped and moved was incredible to watch.

Tapas at the Flamenco Restaurant
Tapas at the Flamenco Restaurant

I had seen Flamenco dancing in movies before, but it has absolutely no comparison to watching it in person – a definite must-see if you are in Spain!

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