Noche Blanca en Granada

safe_imageFriday, November 24th in Granada is known as “Noche Blanca.” This is a holiday in which the center of the city is bursting with activities, lights, shows and festivities until around 2:00 AM! All of the stores and restaurants stay open and every plaza and square has organized schedules of dancing and concerts. In fact, there are so many plazas in Granada that it is nearly impossible to decide which shows to attend because you want to see them all! However, after much deliberation, I decided to go watch a rock concert in Plaza Nueva for until 10:00 PM, followed by learning how to square dance in a different plaza until 11:00 PM, and lastly an orchestra concert in Plaza del Corral that was supposed to end at 1:00 AM. I successfully attended (and really enjoyed) my first two choices, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it into the orchestra concert because the line was too long and the auditorium area was already filled.Body-percusión-noche-en-blanco-AlexCamara-2 Apparently, people had been in line for hours to make it in. I was disappointed, but it worked out because I was able to roam around the city for a while and just take in the buzzing atmosphere of Noche Blanca. I think this is such a cool holiday and I wish we would adopt it in the US because it’s both a showcase of classic and modern culture and it brings the city and people of all ages together for a fun night.

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