Sol Soccer Round 2!

We had our second soccer game this past week for the CLM intramural teams. It was so much fun and the best part? WE WON! We are a team made up of students from across the entire United States and a lot of us did not know each other before the very first game we had last week. This week we were beginning to work together as a cohesive unit because we knew each other much better than last week.IMG_1514 It also helps that we not only know each other’s playing style, but we also went out for tapas after last week’s game so we are also better friends. We beat our opposing team 9-2! So it was definitely a shut-out. I was so happy because I scored two of the goals and I’m beginning to get back into the soccer groove. We have made it to the semi-finals for our intramural tournament! I hope we can keep it up. I really like that CLM offers intramurals because it’s just so much fun and you get to meet people from across the US in addition to all of the Spaniards we meet during other parts of our days.

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