Ave Maria

So difficult to get up this morning! I love my sleep 🙂 Yesterday was daylight savings here though so we got an extra hour of sleep. Now I think we are only six hours different from Minnesota until daylight savings happens there.

Today I had class and we reviewed a lot for our test on Wednesday. Thursday is my final day in level 3 and we will go over the test and see how we did. I have been studying every day so much, I hope it goes well!

I thought it would be a good idea to write more in Spanish, so today I bought a little mini notebook to serve as my Spanish diary. I figure writing a blog in English isn’t helping my Spanish to much, so I want to challenge myself to write about my day in Spanish as well. I think it’ll help!

Today I did visit the elementary school right next to where my classes are to talk to the professor about when I can volunteer. This school will be much more convienent to volunteer at because it;s so close! This colegio is called, Ave Maria. There are a few Ave Maria schools in Granada. This school was started in 1889 by Don Andrés Manjón. He created the schools with a Christian thought and the wish to work to promote cultural, social and religious environments for the children. From what my director told me, the children actually live in this school during the week, in dorms. Even the younger kids. And then they go home with their parents during the weekends. I was just surprised because I’ve never heard of this for younger children. This may be cause their parents work far away, or it’s too difficult for them to make other arrangements. It’s a school for famillies that are struggling with money, food, and academics for their children. They need as much help as they can get. After classes, children have some free time around the school, they do their homework, have a little tv time, and learn to be very independent. I start volunteering here next week. I think it will be a great opportunity to help children that are in need. I am very excited! 🙂


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