Hola!! So today was my test day for level 3! I think that it went really well. I had been studying all week and I think it paid off. We had a listening portion, writing portion, multiple choice, and fill in the blank. I had trouble understanding the fill in the blank because the words in the word bank we’ve never seen before. I just had to guess on some….but went home later and checked and my guesses were right! I got really lucky there, not sure how. Tomorrow I just have class for a little bit to look over the test and take the oral portion. Our professor will probably ask us about Granada or ask us to describe what we did this weekend. But I am ready and excited that I have almost completed my second month of classes here!

Today we also had another soccer game! Unfortunately we lost, but it was such a CLOSE game. It was only 0-1, and the one point from the other team was only scored with 3 minutes left. So as you can see, the whole game was extremely close and it was such a fun game. I am happy we got to play 3 soccer games. Next week would have been the championships, best of luck to those two teams playing!

I’ve been thinking today how time flies so fast. Tomorrow will mark exactly two months of being in Granada! Exactly two months from today I was getting on the plane to Spain, not knowing what it would be like, if I would like it or want to go home right away. And now two months later and I still feel like I haven’t been here long at all. I know I made the best decision and this was SO worth it. The culture is different here, but at the same time it’s great. I am so happy to have another 7 months here!!

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