Buen día

Today was an awesome day!! In the morning all the students in our class did the oral portion of the test. One by one we went in and got to talk to one of our professors. She asked us to describe a trip we have been on in the past, or a future trip we want to go on, we got to pick. I chose to describe trips that I had already been on. I talked about how every year I have been on trips with the outdoor adventure group at Winona State, how we go camping, rock climbing, and hiking. The oral portion was out of 10 and I got a 9….I was happy!!! Much better than a 7.5 that I got last month on the oral portion, I must be learning something! Then, once everyone was done, we got to see the test…..andddddd I was very happy with that as well!! I can’t remember exactly what I got on the portions, but there was a comprehension, I think I got 7, linguistics I got an 8, multiple choice and fill in the blank questions I think I got an 8, and on the writing portion I got a 9.5 out of 10!!!! I was so happy! It was the highest in the class for the writing portion! I guess journaling since I was 9 years old has paid off, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to write, it’s my favorite! Writing in Spanish is fun too, and I think having my Spanish journal now is helping. I’m not sure of my final grade as a whole in the class, I’ll find out tomorrow! 🙂

I also have to say that we had such a delicious lunch today! I had never tried anchovies before, but Marisa made friend anchovies today, called boquerones. First she had to take the heads off of the fish, then fry them. Delicioso! 🙂



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