I keep forgetting that today is Halloween, because in Granada they don’t really celebrate it like in the United States. There are a couple festivities around town today, but people don’t dress up and go trick or treating like I am used too. Out and about today we did see some children dressed up, and there was a little haunted house. Some of the bars around town tonight have specials, but nothing too crazy. Tomorrow is a holiday however, All Saints Day. Marisa made us a special desert after lunch today in honor of tomorrow.

Some of us in the group went with our director to tour the Albayzin neighborhood today. This is known as one of the oldest Arabic neighboorhoods in Granada. I loved this neighborhood! The houses are up huge hills, and I have no idea how people get groceries up these huge hills, but the houses are beautful. Most of them have huge gardens, some have pools, and you get a view of the whole city. Who wouldn’t want to live up there?! When you walk way up into the neighborhood, there is a huge plaza filled with people. This plaza overlooks the entire city, and the Alhambra. So beautiful!

On a side note, saw my first pet store here today! I don’t really like the idea of getting animals from a pet store because I think it’s sad that the animals are in such small cages, but I couldn’t help but stop and look. Both my dogs we got at a farm. Marisa also never got her dogs in a pet shop. Tasca was from a friend, I think that had a litter of puppies, and Happy was abandoned and found on the street with other puppies. Luckily all of Happy’s siblings went to good homes as well 🙂

I was supposed to get my grades today from my level 3, but they aren’t up yet. Hopefully tomorrow!

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