Día de Familia!


Today was a family day! We didn’t do very much outside of the house, but we spent a lot of time together today. We all got to sleep in a little bit, had breakfast, and later had a delicious lunch. Rafa came home from his University last night, and so today we had a special lunch. We had fried anchovies again, so Rafa could eat some, with chicken, fries, and a salad. I enjoy family meals together when we are all here, and the dogs are always in the kitchen while we eat also. I did a little reading today, ran in the park after siesta, and spent a lot of time with Marisa. She told us she is a bit sad because she wants to talk to her daughter more, who is currently in Florida studying English, but her daughter is always busy and doesn’t have much time. But she told us she is happy we are here to spend time with her because we are her ‘children’ also. 🙂

Tomorrow I am visiting the Parque de Las Ciencias in Granada. Basically a HUGE science museum with a ton of exhibits and fun stuff. Can’t wait!! 🙂

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