What a fun day! Juliette is one of by good friends from class, she is from Belgium! She speaks French, English, and is learning Spanish just like me. Today I went with her to try out her gym because I am thinking about joining one. The gym, O2, is very close to my house, right next to the park! We went to a workout class there called, GAP. I’m not sure what it stood for, but the workout was designed to work out the lower body. And boy, was it a workout!! The instructor was a man, probably around his 40s or 50s, who was very enthusiastic and got every happy and pumped up for the class. I loved it! This gym also has a pool, hot tub, and sauna. How fun!

After, I had a lot of homework to do. Now in level 4, we are learning Imperativos, which means commands, positive or negative. For example, if you wanted to say, “EAT!” you say “COME” (pronouced co-may). But “DON’T EAT!!” is “NO COMAS!!” This is a hard subject for me, so many endings to remember! I think this will be the most difficult test so far at the end of the month. I’m going to have to work extra hard!

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