TBC y Tarea

Today I had a lot of studying to do! But first, Juliette and I went to a workout class at the gym, Total Body Conditioning. It was sort of like GAP, we worked everything! And I was still a bit sore from yesterday’s workout, but I’m loving it!

I wrote yesterday how the new topic in class is a little tricky, commands, I practiced a lot tonight! I wrote and re-wrote different words and commands, afirmative and negative. If I do this a lot this month hopefully the test will be okay! It’s hard work!

Tomorrow is finally Friday! This weekend our group is going on a trip to Sevilla, another city in Spain about 3 hours away, and Corboda, close to Sevilla. Cordoba is the city where my host family is from. It’s where Marisa was born and raised until they moved to Granada. I’m excited to see where she grew up! She has already told me about some of the places where she thinks we might visit. We are leaving with our group very early Saturday morning and will be back in Granada Sunday night.

Buenas noches!!!

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