Halloween was very fun this year! My roommate and I decided to go out the day before and explore the city Centro to see if we could possibly find a last minute costume. After a lot of looking around, we came across a corset shop with tons of fun Halloween costume ideas and potential! I ended up going as a ballerina and my roommate went as a princess. On Halloween night, we dressed up and went out on the town! For our first stop, we went to “Chile Grande,” a Mexican food restaurant that I had heard served DELICIOUS nachos. We met up with a few friends and shared a large nachos with drinks. It was interesting to see everyone’s costumes, even our server was dressed up as a zombie! Next, we went to El Camborio, a club “discoteca” in the Sacramonte, a nearby historic pueblo in the north of Granada. They were having a costume party and it was muy divertido! I liked experiencing Halloween in a different country. Although they don’t do trick-or-treating, it is common for kids to dress up for school and for young people to dress up to go out at night. Now I can’t wait for Christmas!

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