Last Soccer Game

We played our last soccer game last Wednesday. It was a very INTENSE game. We were playing to continue into the Finals of the competition, so the stakes were high but we were determined. The first half nobody scored. There were countless breakaways and a few close shots, but either the aim was slightly off or the goalies were there to block the goals. During half time, our team huddled together, drenched in sweat, and planned our next moves. The second half was even more intense, as fouls began to be called when players became too aggressive. From the outside looking in, it would be hard to believe that the game was just a friendly intramural game. However, two minutes left on the clock, the other team shot from outside the box and the ball slipped through the goalies outstretched arms and hit the back net. That was it. The opposing team had scored. The final two minutes were insanely desperate for us while the other team stalled and ran the clock. Unfortunately, we were not able to score, and the finally tally was 1-0 in their favor. Although we lost, I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to play for my team. I met tons of new people and we advanced very far into the competition. I will definitely sign up for the next intramural sport!

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