Today Matthew and I were looking around at a bookstore here, and found the most amazing book! It’s a hardcover cookbook written in English about all different types of Spanish food. From tapas, paellas, soups, sides, main dishes, meats, fish, all the way to traditional deserts. We decided this would be such a fun book to have in the future. There are hundreds of recipes! We can’t wait to get back to Minnesota and start cooking all of them for our friends and family. We showed it to Marisa and she said the recipes were great, and she knew almost all of them.

December 31st is the day my sister, Lea, and her boyfriend, Pablo, are coming to Spain to visit! I can’t wait to show them all around Granada, the city I have fallen in love with 🙂 And what perfect timing for NEW YEARS EVE!! Our host mom said that when it’s New Years Eve here, so many people gather in the main plaza to celebrate. How fun! She is excited to have them over to eat at her house. She asked me what she thinks she should make for them, I said everything she makes is good, but for sure some Tortilla Española would be delicious 🙂

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