Arroz Negro



I know I have been posting a lot about food lately, but everything we have been eating has been so delicious I can’t help it! And lately such popular dishes in Spain!

For lunch today we ate, Arroz Negro (black rice). It is similar to paella. It looks sort of yellow too, but up close it looks more like a black sauce. Here Marisa made it with calamares, QUE RICO!!!

For desert, we ate a fruit salad. This salad was so colorful, I loved it! If anyone reading this wants to try a delicious Spanish salad, simply cut up apples, oranges, and use pomegrante seeds. Then add any kind of nuts, here we used walnuts. I think pecans, almonds, or cashews would be great too. Then, we just added some olive oil as dressing, and POOF! It’s done 🙂 My favorite desert we have had here yet! I ate so much of it! I don’t know what was sooooo good about it, a simple salad. I think it was the olive oil mixed with all the fruit, what flavor!! Definitely eating this all the time when I return to Minnesota.

On another note, walking around Granada at night can be so beautiful! It’s getting to be close to Christmas, and streets are getting more and more filled with lights everywhere. All the fountains are lit up and look awesome in the dark. This is the fountain called, Isabel Catolica, a meeting point in the center of the city.


Another place that is beautiful at night, is Federico Garcia Lorca park, right next to our house. During the day all the fountains are not on, but at night they are all turned on and have such colorful lights.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.50.35 PM

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