Café Hotel Alhambra

One of the very first things my host dad recommended I do while in Granada was go to the Hotel Alhambra, a luxurious four-star hotel right next to the Alhambra, go up to the second floor, and have a drink in the café balcony that overlooks the entire city. A couple months had passed since I’d first arrived in Spain, and as my time was winding down, I thought it was time to finally get moving on my to-do list before I left Granada. First on the list: Café Hotel Alhambra! I invited my friend Sarah and we made a night of it! We decided to go at night, because although it would be a bit chilly, the city would probably look incredible with all of its lights. We also dressed formally just for fun and to attribute to the fancy ambiance of our girl’s night. Although it is also a restaurant, the food dishes are ridiculously expensive, so I settled with a nice hot tea and she had a red wine. We ended up spending about over an hour there just sipping our drinks, enjoying the conversations (and practicing Spanish!), and taking in the absolutely breathtaking view of the city laid out in lights over a black background. I really enjoyed it, and we are going to try to go again on our last night in Granada as our final goodbye and closing to this beautiful city.

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