Through the SOL program, we had a weekend excursion to Sevilla and Córdoba. After the first day in Sevilla, we spent the night in a hotel and prepared for our second day of touring. The following morning I was up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for yet another day of adventures!1002528_1539169382962680_9176146775291188724_n

After breakfast, we loaded up into the bus and headed the couple hours or so to Córdoba. Admittedly, I became very carsick on the drive to Córdoba and I could not wait for us to get there. Finally, we arrived and I tumbled out of the bus onto the precious non-moving ground. After a few minutes of getting myself together and enjoying the deep breaths of fresh, cool air, I joined the rest of the group in heading across the great bridge into the heart of the city of Córdoba. The bridge was beautiful and it was a perfect day to take in the river and breathtaking architecture of the city. First on our agenda was exploring the city.1921968_1539179302961688_3372879906830823181_n I loved the potted plants that were hung all over the walls. Córdoba is an artisan pueblo, known for craftsmanship in silver, gold, and leather. It was very fun to go into all of the shops and see the beautiful work. We also visited a small synagogue, only one of three left in Spain from ancient times that survived the Christian crusades and Catholic inquisitions of Los Reyes Catolicos. After lunch, we headed to the highlight of our trip there: the Catedral/Mesquita. It is an ancient mosque that for the most part has been preserved, a feat in itself in Spain as most had been completely destroyed and turned into Catholic churches. 10689943_1539179906294961_4587425400192713225_nWhile this one did have a portion that was converted into a great cathedral, the majority of it was still in the form of a mosque. It was very interesting to see the hodge-podge mesh of Christian art and Muslim architecture. Overall, it has to be one of my favorite places in Spain and I hope to return before I leave.

All too soon, it was time to head back to Granada. I really enjoyed the weekend trip to Sevilla and Córdoba and I strongly encourage anyone visiting Spain to check out these amazing cities of Andalucia!10387470_1539167042962914_7444334179754882779_n

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