Crossfit – one month in!

1966850_748020008579047_818523039470310667_n (2)Today marks the official one month mark of my membership to Crossfit! I decided this was worthy of an entire blog post because it has BY FAR been one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Not only has it been physically challenging (obviously, it’s Crossfit), but it has also been a challenge to go every day knowing that I will be around fluent Spanish speakers and that sometimes I will misunderstand or make mistakes or maybe not be able to keep up at the same pace as everyone else. Nonetheless, I’ve stuck with it and I am so happy that I have! I’ve not only gotten stronger, but I’ve improved my Spanish skills, made many native Spaniard friends, and have overcome my own personal obstacle of putting myself in new and unfamiliar situations. It is sad that I only have a little over a month left here in Spain and at Foering Crossfit here in Granada, but I know I will take my many strengths back with me to the US and wherever life may lead me from there.

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