It had finally arrived: the dreaded week of midterms. Although I am lucky enough to only have had two midterms (Spanish class and Art History), I was already swamped in studying for Art History alone. My professor had given us over forty obras, or pieces of art, in architecture, paintings, and sculptures. The midterm consisted of him putting up five different pictures, each for ten minutes, and we needed to write down the name, time period, artist, commentary about the significance and style of the piece, and other artworks by the artist. Although it doesn’t seem like a lot, it absolutely was when we have over forty pieces! However, instead of being overwhelmed and drowning in all of the studying, my friend Sarah and I decided to take the midterm head on together! For the entire week leading up to the midterm, we spent at least one or two hours a day meeting up in different coffee shops or for lunch to go over the art and slowly but surely make it through all of the pieces in time. It ended up being really fun! I was able to learn a LOT about the material and also get to know Sarah really well. Best of all, we always only spoke in Spanish and we got to know different cool coffee shops and bars around town that are excellent for sharing some tea and pouring over the books. Come midterm day, we both did really well on our exams! This is probably the craziest thing I will ever say, but I am actually a little excited to study for finals in a few weeks.

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