Mis Amigas


Going away on a trip was a big decision for me. Not being able to see my family, my dogs, my friends, and my work for a whole 9 months?! Everyone thought I was crazy for going away for almost a year. But, I am determined and I wanted to learn as much Spanish and become as fluent as I can be.

Before I left, my best friends put together a box for me. A box containing a letter for each month, each holiday, and for days when I’m sad, or homesick, or need a laugh. I think there were over 30 letters in total. When I was on my way to Granada, back in August, I definitely needed those letters. I do not like flying on planes, and when we were about to take off, I was getting really nervous. But, I took out my first letter from my friends, that I was supposed to read on the plane, and was reminded of how much support I have back home. Now, every month and every holiday I get to read such wonderful letters from my friends and family. It definitely helped with me being homesick! Thanks to everyone who contributed! 🙂

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