My parents are coming!

In exactly one week, my parents are going to be coming to Granada, Spain and I am so excited! I remember mentioning it jokingly to my mother back in September when I had just arrived and she had said that she was actually interested in coming. At first, I thought she was just kidding or at the very least that it was a desire that would be lost as time passed. However, much to my surprise, she continued to ask me when she and my dad could visit and by golly they bought airplane tickets and made it a reality! They have never been to Europe. I am incredibly thrilled that they are coming and I cannot wait to share this beautiful city and culture with them. All of the experiences that I’ve loved so much – touring the Alhambra, enjoying tapas with friends, walking under the beautiful buildings, appreciating the architecture of the Catedral and Capilla Real – I get to share with my parents! They arrive next Sunday afternoon and my host parents have invited them to lunch on the following Monday. It is extremely convenient that my parents are already fluent Spanish speakers (they were both born in Mexico) so we won’t have any type of language barrier as we tour Spain. I’ll be sure to post a follow-up blog with pictures of our adventures and until then, the countdown begins for their arrival!

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