Pícaro and Café Bohemia

I have added a new goal to my Spain adventures To-Do List: explore as many hole-in-the-wall cafés as I can before I leave Granada! The first one I went to was called “Pícaro” and is this bustling jazz bar very near to Centro de Lenguas Modernas (our school). A few people in Sol were interested in going so we posted on our Facebook group and invited everyone in our group to come out on a Thursday night when they have live Jazz. We ended up having quite a decent group go, about twelve people, and it was very fun because we got to enjoy the Jazz music (a Portuguese Jazz band) and get to know our Solmates better. Next, a friend of mine had mentioned this place called Café Bohemia, coincidentally another jazz bar, but this one was more of a piano jazz bar and was supposed to be very hard to find and on the other side of the city. Nonetheless, I was determined to go there so a friend and I trekked around for a while before we finally found it. It is my FAVORITE café in Granada. It is a little nook of a café that is dark and obscure and completely covered in really cool decorations and details. It is like walking into the 1920s! I loved it, and some of the tables are made out of old pianos and even some chairs are barber shop chairs. The drinks were also reasonably priced and delicious. I am going to continue to explore new cafés around town, but I will be hard-pressed to find one that can beat Café Bohemia!bohemia-cafe_1255051

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