Last weekend, our group took a trip to Sevilla and Córdoba for the weekend. I loved them both, but also liked certain things about each one. For example, here Matthew and I stand in the Plaza de España, my favorite place we got to visit in Sevilla. It was a HUGE building surrounded by some bridges, water, and the most beautiful architecture I have seen. This picture makes me think of Disney World because of the castle looking building and the flag. I like Granada a bit more than Sevilla though because I felt Sevilla was crawling with tourists here and there and everywhere. It’s difficult to even tell who is from Sevilla or who are the tourists. Whereas in Granada, you can tell who is from there and who are tourists, there aren’t quite as many tourists.

Another thing I loved about Sevilla was all the horse carriages. I wanted to go for a ride around the town, but when I asked how much it was, the man told me 50 euros. A bit much. But, at least I got to see all that I did. ONE DAY I will own a horse!!!


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