This past weekend, we had a SOL excursion to Sevilla and Córdoba, the other two most prominent cities in the region of Andalucia, Spain. We spent all day Saturday in Sevilla and all day Sunday in Córdoba. Although it was only two days, we did SO much and saw so many incredible things that I decided to split the trip into two separate blog posts, lest it go on for pages and pages!

The first day we met at Palacio de Los Congresos at 8:00 AM to catch our private bus to Sevilla. I really like how SOL has a private bus for our longer excursions, because it’s always very comfortable, we get to know our SOLmates even more, and our directors German and Edu can get on the microphone and explain important cities and landmarks as we pass them throughout our journey. The trip to Sevilla was about three hours and I think almost everyone slept! When we arrived in Sevilla, we first checked into our hotel and left our stuff in our rooms. The hotel, Hotel Álcazar, was extremely nice and clean and we were put two in a room so we also had a lot of space to our own. After quickly dropping off our things and grabbing our things for the day, we headed off to visit our first location: Plaza de España. 10801674_1539165206296431_5307915091669036815_nThe Plaza de España was incredible and very beautiful. German explained all of the history to it and even showed us a clip of a Star Wars movie on his phone where it was filmed in the exact same square in which we were standing. I thought that was fascinating because the palaces and castles of Star Wars are obviously fantasy and sci-fi, but this one was real and did not need to be changed in the slightest for the filming of the movie, just a further testament to the sentiments of unreal fantasy in the square. We then had an hour to eat our picnic lunches that our host moms had packed us from home. Essentially all of us had sandwiches of either ham or egg tortillas, delicious and very Spanish. We then took a tour of the Cathedral of Sevilla. The cathedral was a piece of monumental greatness and vastness. The art within it was amazing and the bell tower connected to it provides a complete 360 degree view of all of Sevilla from the top. This was probably my favorite part of Sevilla and I felt like I could stay up there for hours. Next, we had a bit of free time and then we went to tour the Álcazar, one of the first royal palaces in Spain. This had a more gothic and Moorish style and was too big to see everything in one day. Aftwerards, we headed back to the hotel for a couple hours of either resting or exploring the town (I chose to rest) before meeting at 8:00 PM for dinner. Dinner was in this very cute restaurant and we were served traditional Spanish and Sevillan food. IT WAS SO GOOD. I’m not sure if it was because I was already a bit hungry or if the food was literally the most delicious food in the world (although I expect it was a bit of both), but I really enjoyed our dinner and the many different dishes we tried. It was raining as we walked back to the hotel, so after a hot shower to regain body warmth, I passed out on my bed. It was a great day and I was looking forward to the next day when we would explore Córdoba.

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