Today in my class we had intercambios with Spanish students who are studying English. This is basically a language exchange. This group of students are in the classroom next to us at CLM and are learning English from their professor, Amanda, who is from London. For about 40 minutes today they came to our class to talk with us; 20 minutes in Spanish, and then 20 minutes in English. How interesting! I had a great time. My partner was Sara, a 23 year old from Málaga, Spain. It’s interesting to both be learning another language. For her, talking in English was a bit difficult, and for me, talking in Spanish was a little difficult. But it was so great and I learned a lot about her. For our homework we had to write a biography about our partner. I was only supposed to write around 120 words, but once I start writing I can’t stop and wrote around 260. Her life was just so fun that I wanted to make sure to include it all. Sara is studying Social Work at the University of Granada, and this past year was working in Argentina AND Chile with women who suffered from domestic violence. There, she met her boyfriend, Nacho, and they have been together 6 months. In Granada, Sara works in the north of Granada with poor children. She helps them with homework, takes them to the park, or out to eat sometimes. She also loves dogs, and in her home in Málaga she has a Dalmatian named Wofy. My birthday is April 10th, and it was funny to find out her birthday is April 9th. When her boyfriend comes to visit Granada in February, after they are going back to Chile together. This helped me so much, I loved it! 🙂

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