It was a low key Sunday with the family. This morning, Matthew and I made crepes (pancakes) for Marisa again with cooked cinnamon apples. YUM! We asked her a few days ago if we could Sunday, and she loved them once again. I am so used to eating just a small toast for breakfast, that now eating pancakes was SO filling. But once in a while I miss them here, and they were delicious. Especially with the pure maple syrup I had given to Marisa back when we first arrived.

After breakfast, we studied a little, and then I went to the gym for two and a half hours. I had missed the past few days because of the bike ride Friday, and Las Alpujarras all day yesterday, so I felt I had to make up for it. I went to two workout classes, Body Pump and Zumba. I love the workout classes here, they are great! In body bump we use weights and work mostly our arms and legs while holding weights. My arms were so tired after that class. But then, I went right after to zumba, it was actually in the same room after. So many people in the zumba classes here, but how fun! Zumba is basically dancing while working out. The instructor is a young guy, very theatrical with his music and dancing, but it’s so fun for all ages. And what a workout! I never thought dancing would get me so exhausted, but by the end everyone is sweating and very tired. It’s a great time though! 🙂

Then we got to eat a great lunch today, PAELLA! Again, because it’s Sunday, when people in Spain normally eat paella. Rafa was here this weekend, we haven’t seen him for two weeks. He is doing great and likes his classes. This week though, he did move from one apartment to another. Marisa said it was because his roommates in the first apartment were very dirty, and the house was always a mess. So on Thursday he moved to a different place and it’s much better.

I took a picture, to the left, of what we had Friday for lunch because it was so simple, yet delicious! A rice stir fry with spinach, corn, peas, garbanzo beans, and carrots. Spinach and rice was so good together, I would never have guessed that. We ate it with some hot dogs and empanadas, filled with whatever you want: chicken, potatoes, vegetables, etc. QUE RICA!!!

I am learning so much in my classes. Thursday is the big test day!!!

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