Teaching is rewarding :)

I know I already posted today, and I never post twice, but I just have so much on my mind!

Today one of the parents of one of the children where I work back home, contacted me. I have to say, that for sure made my day! I love working with my preschoolers and toddlers back in Minnesota, and one of the reasons why I almost did not come to Spain was because I did not know how I could ever leave the kiddos for nine months! That’s such a long time! I pretty much have been working there almost every day for the past three years, right up until I left. Those children mean so much to me and I did not want to lose that contact with them, and miss everything they would go through the next nine months. I have seen so many of them grow from toddlers, to preschoolers, to little students ready for kindergarten. And to the parent who contacted me today and said I was important to the child’s life, I want to say that it’s the children that changed my life these past three years. I started working there as a quiet freshman, but working with these children has opened me up in ways I never imagined. I have learned so much about working with students, lesson planning, problem solving, and just everything that goes into having a classroom and having wonderful students to share everything with. These children always seemed to look up to their teachers, but really while we may be changing their lives, they are changing our lives so much too, if not more.

It’s reasons like this that I chosen to become a teacher. I knew my whole life this was the profession for me. Whether it was “playing teacher” to my bears and dolls when I was little, babysitting all my cousins, or having such great teachers that I looked up to myself, I knew there was no other job for me. I am going to be a teacher, and couldn’t be more proud of it! Yes, it may not be the most high paying job, but I can pretty much say it will be one of the most rewarding 🙂

Growing up, I had some great teachers to look up too as role models. One being my grandma, who home schooled my sisters and I during my first years of elementary. How cool is it that I can remember learning to read in kindergarten on the couch from my grandma everyday?! That is something I will cherish forever! (Hello Grandma!!) And in middle school, I had a a great math teacher, Anne, who changed my life too. Learning wasn’t something where we stared at a book for hours and took notes. She made learning so fun! And math! And of course, in Spain now. My teachers have been so wonderful here and taught me just how much I can push myself and work if I put my mind to it. Learning another language is harder the older you get, but it has been such a fun adventure! I know my teachers here have had a huge part in that, and I am learning more than I ever thought I would be able too. Comparing day one in Granada to now, almost three months later, I am another person! Not really another person, but am changing and learning so much…I am even sometimes forgetting all my English, what words are and how to spell them! It’s a challenge, but I love it 🙂

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