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Today Matthew and I decided to go out for a movie. We saw the movie, Interstellar, with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. The theater we went to had in in Spanish, but I still understood everything for the most part. I was only a little confused, but I think it’s a movie that makes you think a lot, sort of like Inception. Even in English it would be a little confusing. But it was a great movie and I would recommend it!

Today, we also had such a great lunch and had some dessert after to celebrate my test scores. Marisa made salad, tortilla española with sausage, fried fish (YUM), and then we had some tarts for dessert. Everything was delicious! But…we do have a little story about the dessert. We ate some dessert together in the living room after lunch with some tea, and then Matthew and I got ready to leave. When we left, the desserts were still on the living room table. Well, Matthew and I just got back from the movie and Marisa told us Happy had eaten them all!!!!! I only had one tart, and so did Marisa, because we were so full. Matthew and Rafa didn’t even eat any. So as you can see in the picture, Happy ate so many! What a little stinker! She was doing so good lately, listening to everything Marisa says, being good in the park, and no more accidents in the house. But, today was the day, she ate so much. She ended up throwing most of it up, which is probably a good thing because there was a lot of chocolate and sugar and it would have been really bad for her to have in her stomach any longer. Oh that little dog!

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