Relaxing day

Not too much went on today. Got to sleep in a little later, ate breakfast, spent two hours at the gym at Body Pump and Zumba, lunch, walked around town a bit, and then hung out with the family. I read a lot today too, in Spanish, because I am trying to stick to my goal of reading more in Spanish!

Rafa was here this weekend home from school again. He is doing great and was studying a lot because he has two tests this week. Today we ate paella for lunch again, YUM! Seems to be becoming a Sunday tradition.

While Matthew and I were walking around town, we saw all the lights hung up on all the streets, SO MANY! I heard a rumor that tomorrow, December 1st, is when all the lights will turn on. In one plaza there is also a huge Christmas tree. Starting to feel like Christmas here! I’m sure tomorrow we will walk around at night so we can see all the lights.

Since I don’t have any photos from today, thought I would post some funny ones of my dogs. I sure do miss them! 🙂

Rico (11 years)                             Bailey (8 years)

IMG_0162 IMG_0150

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