Today I had no class, since our last day was Friday, we always get one day off before the next level. Then, tomorrow I start level 5. So today, I got to sleep in a little, and then went to volunteer at Ave Maria again. I was going to be there from about 9-11am, but actually ended up staying until 12:30. And it was a great day there today!

I was in Mario’s room, one of the professors, and at first there were only seven students, and a few more came in later, but still only about ten students. I mostly worked with one student; George. He is ten years old and a student, who Mario says, never wants to do his work and is always distracted finding something to look at or something else to do. Just having him focus is difficult. So during work time, which was about two hours with a few breaks, I helped George get through his work packet. But really, it wasn’t that fact that I physically had to do much of his work or help him with it, I mostly just had to be next to him and then he didn’t get distracted by everyone else. It was great! Mario told me that his mother is abroad in another country, I think it was somewhere in Africa, and right now he lives with his aunt in Granada. He actually knows English and Spanish because when he was younger his mother taught him English. We only talked a little in English, but I was able to understand all the Spanish and it was great. We were able to get through the whole packet, and were able to start a little bit of the math packet. The first package I believe was language arts, because they were learning about subjects, and verbs, and writing sentences and finding words and main ideas. It was a learning experience for me too because I had to read the directions and help George figure out what to do. But overall, the students were so great. Some little disagreements here and there, but no fights like last time, and everyone was pretty well on task and doing there work. There was one student that did come in late that started to be a distraction to George the last thirty minutes though. His name is Isaac, and I would say he is about ten or eleven also. Issac is an interesting student, because the teachers all believe that he may suffer from bi-polar disorder, but they are not sure. They say he is just like two boys in one. Sometimes he is the nicest kid, and other days he is so different, so misbehaved they don’t even know where it’s coming from. They say sometimes he even is both at the same time, he can be hugging a student or a teacher saying sorry, but then yelling swear words at the same time. I guess they say when he misbehaves it’s terrible. I haven’t seen the other side of him, just a little when he talks back to the teacher, but nothing so extreme. I know that ten of the twelve students in Mario’s class live at the school, and I think George and Issac are both two of the students that live at the school. I’m not saying it has everything to do with it, but I do believe that it part of their misbehavior. They don’t always have a parent telling them what to do, or taking care of them, or something they can look up to to help them keep a routine and be motivated in school. They maybe act out to seek attention? It’s a mystery, but I am hoping that I can help them. I know I had a great time with George today, and Mario told me after class that this is the first time all year he has sat and done his work without being distracted. He was surprised. So I felt good that I could be there to help! 🙂

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