Level 5


Today was the first day of level 5 and it went great! I am learning a lot already. We only have ten 8 or 9 days of this class, so no exam, and then it’s already the end of semester one, that flew by!! I’ve been with the same 9 students since October, but today we got two new students in our class. One girl, Fiorella, from China (Fiorella is her Italian name) seems very nice. And she knows many languages; English, a little Italian, German, French, and I can’t even remember the rest she listed so many. And then we have another man from Brazil, around his 60’s who is studying in Granada for one year, just like I am.

Here is a picture of our class we took today!!

In other news, nothing too exciting today. I went to class, lunch, then yoga, gym, studied, and dinner. But after yoga my back started to hurt so much. I probably shouldn’t have gone to a class at the gym with it hurting after yoga, but I didn’t push myself too hard at the gym. Now whenever I move or do anything is just hurts so bad. I am going to bed early because it just hurts to even turn my head or sit out and watch tv with Marisa. Hopefully tomorrow it gets better 😦

About a month ago I submitted some study abroad photos to the WSU STUDY ABROAD PHOTO CONTEST. Today we got the results and I didn’t win in the Scenery category, but got Honorable Mention, second place! So that’s exciting 🙂 The girl that won is walking on the Great Wall of China, her picture is awesome!

Also, today is my sister, Tina’s, 26th BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINA, LOVE AND MISS YOU 🙂 🙂

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