Don Quijote Ballet

IMG_2061 IMG_2062

Matthew and I just got back from a Don Quijote Ballet performance, what a treat! Matthew got us tickets as part of my Christmas present and we both enjoyed the show very much. It was at the huge Palacio De Congresos building, where huge events and theater performances are held. The show started at 9 and went until 11:20pm with two mini breaks. Long, but worth it! We were in row 8, right in the center. Great seats!

I have seen so many dance shows in the past and I absolutely love it! Don Quijote is one of the most printed books in the world, besides the Bible, and is one of the books that has been printed in the most languages, also besides the Bible. So, as you can guess, very popular book in Spain. Any bookstore is selling the books, and there are posters of Don Quijote and restaurants and various places. Very well known.

I was not able to use my camera during the show, but we were able to use it right at the end. The costumes were beautiful, and the dancers were wonderful. I would say no dancers were younger than mid-20s for sure. But they were perfect!

The couple down below were the main characters. The ballet was a love story. The girl was in love with a man, but her father wanted her to marry someone else, who she didn’t love. She sneaks away with him, but they get caught. Eventually, her father accepts their love of one another, and the last scene was the wedding. I wish I could go to every show Granada has, so fun! 🙂

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