Arabic Baths


I decided to write another post for today because yesterday our group took a trip to the famous Arabic bath in Granada. It was so amazing! It pretty much felt like we were in a cave the whole time, because as you can see in the photo above, the only windows are the little star shaped window on the ceiling. Arabic baths are meant to be really relaxing and there are three types of pools there: warm, hot, and cold. Above, this is the warm pool which you go in first, then the hot, and the last picture is the cold one. It was so difficult to get into the cold pool, but since it’s supposed to be great for your body, I went in for about 20 seconds. Brrrr…felt like the polar plunge! Also next to this pool above, down the hallway on the left, was a steam room. I went in for a little and it was just like a sauna.

Each of us also got to enjoy a 15 minute oil massage, so relaxing, and during the whole time we were able to enjoy unlimited mint tea. My favorite 🙂 What a cool experience!

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