Jamón Serrano


This past weekend Marisa bought jamón!! This is a VERY famous meat in Spain. A lot of bars have jamón sandwiches as tapas, and many families buy a leg once or twice a year. Marisa said it’s more common to buy one when it’s cold outside, because it’s not good to store it when the house is hot. There are two types of this ham, jamón serrano, which is what this one is, or there is jamón iberica, which comes from the black pigs. Ham legs can cost from $60-hundreds of dollars.

The process to make jamón takes only salt and time. It is not cooked, with coated with salt, and having months, sometimes between 1-2 years to sit, the jamón is cured (sort of cooked in a way). And it taste delicious!!!

Here is a picture of Marisa slicing the ham. It takes a lot of talent and a special VERY sharp knife because you have to cut very thin and slow. She said she doesn’t want Marisa or Rafa to cut ham yet because it can be dangerous. But Matthew and I enjoyed watching her do it!

If you want to learn more about the process, here is a great, short, video all about it! I would recommend it 🙂

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